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This Web-Site Explained

My web-site consists of references, which are the basis for all of the material available at this web-site, except the links and RSS feeds (which are meant to be supplementary).

The target of my interest is on the philosophical aspect of management and leadership. I have found this to be truly a large topic and have thus included references of varying sorts for my web site. My conclusive concept of a philosophy of management and leadership is that it takes a leader to manage and people to be managed. The concepts of leadership and management can apply to an individual “manager” or “leader”, so it is the people that are variables in the philosophy of management and leadership. People that are managed or lead will be the focus of my web-site.


The biggest aspect of management is not information, library materials, or even a library. It is management itself. A philosophy of management has to do with managing more than it does with the field of library and information science. Management exists regardless of library and information science.

A philosophy of management questions, “What is management?”. A definition of management provides an account of what one thinks that management is and does provide a philosophy for the idea of management. If management is some sort of an idea, then my idea of management is more about management of people than management of library materials or information. This idea that I have of management is what makes management such an elusive topic. Management transcends work fields as a discipline and it relates to everyday life. In this respect, management has to do with people, which are also of course parts of everyday life. The management of people is the idea that I have in mind when I think of management. This contributes to my philosophy of management.

Management on the job

As I delve deeper into this topic of management in an introductory fashion, with the goal of developing a scholarly and academic perspective on the subject, I am taking my schoolwork to work. At work, I have a manager and I sometimes assist in managing others. I have been scoping out my manager and my managing of others to gain a better understanding of the concept of management. Noticeably, management is not easy to do well. A lot of the times, I see management efforts fire back into the faces of the managers. I can imagine that the more responsibility one has in the workplace or the more management that one does, the more complex the work experience becomes. Management is a way to interact with others in a working environment that demands nothing but the best that one can offer. If management is not done successfully, then it does not work. Quality or “good” management is something that I believe does exist and is beneficial to all those who partake in this kind of management. Perhaps idealistic, yet nevertheless realistic, management technically is a way to make a situation better or to improve a situation.

Business Philosophy

Management is often found in business. Therefore, a business philosophy is helpful in creating a management philosophy because philosophy can serve as a common link between business and management. Business applies itself very directly to philosophy in the sense of ethics or “business ethics”. Management can be ethical as well. Ethics are the first step in my philosophical approach to management. Ethics serve as an applied philosophy that can be a part of business, management, or a larger notion of philosophy. Philosophy is such a huge field that it is a challenge to narrow it down to the topic of management, but ethics is a starting point for this challenge.