As I delve deeper into this topic of management in an introductory fashion, with the goal of developing a scholarly and academic perspective on the subject, I am taking my schoolwork to work. At work, I have a manager and I sometimes assist in managing others. I have been scoping out my manager and my managing of others to gain a better understanding of the concept of management. Noticeably, management is not easy to do well. A lot of the times, I see management efforts fire back into the faces of the managers. I can imagine that the more responsibility one has in the workplace or the more management that one does, the more complex the work experience becomes. Management is a way to interact with others in a working environment that demands nothing but the best that one can offer. If management is not done successfully, then it does not work. Quality or “good” management is something that I believe does exist and is beneficial to all those who partake in this kind of management. Perhaps idealistic, yet nevertheless realistic, management technically is a way to make a situation better or to improve a situation.